Inside LearningHub



Business Development

The Business Development Team develops and shapes NTUC LearningHub’s growth strategy by evolving early stage ideas into future-growth strategies. We work with partners to design and drive the adoption of innovative and scalable career development models and systems that enable careers.

Capability Management

The Capability Management department oversees NTUC LearningHub’s curriculum development and instructional design, ensuring that we deliver quality training services and solutions.

Corporate Services

Comprising of the Information Technology & Facilities, Management Information System and Operations Excellence team, our Corporate Services department ensures that day-to-day operations are functioning smoothly at NTUC LearningHub and complies with the various quality systems and regulatory requirements.


Finance Department oversees NTUC LearningHub’s financial and accounting affairs – from daily transactions to providing visibility of the organization’s financial health for strategic business decisions to be made.

Human Resources

The Human Resource department plays an important role in attracting, developing and retaining talents in NTUC LearningHub. Human Resource business partners collaborate with various departments and unleash the full potential of employees to build a world class human capital.

Corporate Communication and Marketing

Corporate Communications and Marketing is the key connector to our clients and our services, anticipating, identifying and ensuring LHUB satisfies our clients’ needs in time. It also oversees all corporate social responsibilities, branding and marketing activities, ensuring brand awareness and what we stand for aligns with the Labour Movement and our group holding NTUC Enterprise’s overall vision.

Employability Campus

Employability campus aims to provide training opportunities and skills upgrading for individuals who are undergoing career transitions.

Next U

Next U aims to provide professional courses to professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) and equip them with professional and life skills that can transform their employability and improve themselves through life-long learning.

Consumer Sales

Consumer Sales seeks to target both Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and direct customers. Our account managers collaborate with SMEs to provide training solutions to meet business needs. Our sales consultants also provide a comprehensive suite of business-to-consumer services at various touch points.

Trades Campus

Trades Campus in NTUC LearningHub consists of three business units: Workplace Health & Safety, Sales and Business Services. Trades Campus focuses on providing work safety and health courses to help organisations safeguard their businesses and assets.