27 March 2017

Upskilling For A Changing World

As technology replaces routine tasks, there is a pressing need for working professionals to future-proof themselves.

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12 March 2017

Focus on E-learning

For the convenience of PMETs, LHUB has curated a list of online courses that is most suitable for the current economy.

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26 February 2017

Budget: LM's Reactions To SME Announcements

Our CEO, Mr Kwek Kok Kwong shared his views on the recent measures for SMEs.

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20 February 2017

Aiming For A Nimble, Smarter, More Innovative Singapore

In an interview with Business Times, our CEO, KK shared the importance of acquiring and utilising skills and also how LHUB, as a training provider embrace lifelong learning to strengthen and increase our productivity.

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19 February 2017

Prepping for the Digital Economy

Labour Movement's training providers are zooming in on relevant courses and programmes that will help workers be ready to take on jobs in the digital workscape.

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06 February 2017

Sharing Insights and Influencing People

Our CEO, KK shared with BT's journalist how leaders, be it political or business should employ social media as strategic tools.

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05 February 2017

On Track With Lifelong Learning

The Labour Movement's training provider NTUC LearningHub (LHUB) marked a milestone when it enrolled its two millionth trainee in January 2017.

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30 January 2017

Home To Roost

Our CEO, Mr Kwek Kok Kwong, shared with Business Times his views on the economic outlook in the year of the Rooster. Though the political landscape is filled with uncertainties, he opined that more could play this political card to move the needle to a more sustainable equilibrium for the middle class and poor, and that would be a good social outcome.

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09 January 2017

Too Old? Not a Tech Geek? The ICT Sector Welcomes You

In stark contrast to some industries which are going through tough times, the booming information and communications technology (ICT) sector is where the jobs are, with mid-career workers making a beeline for courses in skills such as website development to prepare themselves for new opportunities.

01 January 2017

Preparing For The Future Today 

To help working Singaporeans transiting into new career opportunities, NTUC's new Future Jobs, Skills and Training (FJST) capability will identify and predict new job opportunities in growing sectors. Necessary skills and training needed will also be identified to develop specific courses that will help working Singaporeans make the actual transition. 

21 November 2016

Learning For Life 

NTUC LearningHub (LHUB) has designated a section for elder friendly courses to promote continuous learning. 

07 November 2016

Walking The Talk 

Apart from developing the curriculum for workplace safety and health courses, WSH Manager Abu Backar Mohamed Ismail also attends courses to upgrade his knowledge.

04 November 2016

HR Practitioners in Singapore Get CIPD Accredited Qualifications via LHUB 

NTUC LearningHub (LHUB) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to offer the CIPD's HR professional development programmes in Singapore.

04 November 2016

Staying In Tune With Changing Economy's Needs

Our CEO, Mr Kwek Kok Kwong shared his views on the recent Training and Adult Education Sector Transformation plan and this was mentioned in ST.

30 October 2016

Learn To Progress, Learning Outside the Classroom

Our CEO, Mr Kwek Kok Kwong shared with readers on the importance and the need to have a mindset change towards learning in order to progress further. In the same edition, our WSH Principal Trainer, Mr Ronald Khoo shared with NTUC This Week his passion on training. He was featured together with one of his trainees, Mr Ang Chin Teck who took the Forklift course at Benoi. Some of our learning facilities at Benoi were also featured and shared with readers.

16 October 2016

SIA Fosters Learning Culture at Work

National carrier Singapore Airlines (SIA) tops up SkillsFuture Credit for staff and urges them to upskill to ride the digital wave.

03 October 2016

The Right Course of Action

Developing new skills and upgrading existing ones to match new job requirements are becoming critical to remain relevant in today's highly competitive and dynamic workplace.

08 August 2016

Finding His Niche

Former engineer, Sam Ngo attended courses at NTUC LearningHub so that he can switch careers to pursue computer networking.

20 June 2016

Never Too Old To Learn

Senior citizen finds second wind in the security industry with SkillsFuture. After working for almost five decades, many people would expect a well-deserved rest. But not for 69 year old Mr Haja Mohidin Mohamad Eusope, who retired in 2014.

05 May 2016

250 Jobseekers To Benefit From Professional Courses

Amid the Government’s efforts to develop a pipeline of manpower for the information and communications sector, the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) is rolling out eight new Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) for professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) who wish to upgrade their skills, or make a career switch and join the sector.

04 April 2016

Learning Never Stops

Our CEO, Mr Kwek Kok Kwong shared the importance of using SkillsFuture Credit to develop and deepen skills. He also recommended some courses which will give Singaporeans an edge in the workplace. 

21 February 2016

Success Flavours The Strong

One of our trainees, Ms Chua Jia Hui, shared her learning journey at LHUB. Her employer, TEHO International was also mentioned as an organisation which supports continuous learning.

19 February 2016

More Security Guards Getting Counter-Terrorism Training

To date, more than 18,000 people – the majority of them being security guards – have undergone an anti-terrorism course offered by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). 

17 February 2016

Practising What It Preaches

NTUC LearningHub's work environment mirrors its role as a total training solutions provider.

31 January 2016

Meeting Manpower Needs

Next U, the executive education subsidiary of NTUC LearningHub, has partnered with the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to offer a place-and-train Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

17 December 2015

WDA to ramp up SkillsFuture outreach efforts

From next month, Singaporeans aged 25 and above, will be able to make use of their S$500 SkillsFuture Credit as part of efforts to encourage Singaporeans to take personal ownership of lifelong learning.

20 November 2015

Course directory for SkillsFuture Credit launched

The directory featuring courses that would be eligible for SkillsFuture Credit was launched on Friday (Nov 20), ahead of when the credits can be used from Jan 1, 2016.

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25 May 2015

The man behind that forklift coin trick

Operating heavy machinery takes finesse, but one man takes it to the next level. A video of him using a forklift to pick up a 20 cent coin from the floor and transferring it into a container, posted on Labour Chief Chan Chun Sing's Facebook page, has chalked up nearly 83,000 views and 1,000 likes in just under a month.

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29 April 2015

Companies, individuals receive awards for workplace safety and health

Companies and individuals who contributed towards achieving workplace safety and health were presented with the Labour Movement's inaugural U SAFE Awards.

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8 April 2015

UOB to invest Wage Credit Scheme grant in development programme for employees

United Overseas Bank (UOB) will re-invest its $3.8 million grant from the Government's Wage Credit Scheme in a training, development and health prgramme for its employees. The programmes, designed by NTUC LearningHub, include courses on subjects such as IT skills, problem-solving and personal grooming.

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26 January 2015

NTUC calls for individual training account for Singaporean workers

The Labour Movement is calling for a Skillsave Account to allow workers to plan for their own training, and use the account to pay for unfunded portions of training courses.

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4 January 2015

Back-To-Work Women: Fighting Spirit

After surviving cancer, former Civil Engineer, Ms Shirley Too finds her way back into the workforce by taking up learning..

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